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Domestic Violence

Defense against Domestic Violence Charges in Sacramento

Not all Criminal Defense Attorneys are Created Equal

Criminal law is very complex. As a result, there are no “simple” criminal charges. That being said, however, domestic violence charges are one of the most complex types of criminal charges you can be faced with. This is because you are dealing not only with the necessary criminal defense, but also family dynamics and the impact that a conviction can have on your reputation.

As a result, not all criminal defense attorneys are created equal when it comes to defending clients against domestic violence charges. If you need someone to represent you, ask yourself:

  • Are you being treated with respect and empathy?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking questions?
  • Is this attorney knowledgeable about the charges you’re facing?
  • Is the attorney you speak with during your free consultation the person who will handle your case from start to finish?

We believe that proper filing and requests, as well as a consistent tone in all documents associated with a case are important aspects of a thorough and meticulous defense. Additionally, having your case handled by a single attorney means less chance for the confusion or miscommunication that is possible at a large firm with many attorneys. For personalized attention from an experienced domestic violence defense attorney, contact our firm today.

Protect Children from Having to Interact with the DA

One of the things that can make domestic violence charges so complicated is that they are not made in a vacuum. Many times, child custody issues or divorce proceedings are part of the backstory. While it is unfortunate, sometimes if someone is not getting the result that they want in family court, they may use domestic violence charges to help them get their way.

This can have the unintended side effect of a child being pressured by the district attorney to participate in domestic violence proceedings. We have experience implementing the provision of California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1219 to protect children from having to interact with the DA. We also have experience representing clients facing restraining order violations resulting from domestic violence charges.

In addition to jail time and fines, California domestic violence penalties can include:

  • A mandatory 52 week batterers class
  • Loss of custody or increased alimony payments
  • Loss of your second amendment rights
  • Non-citizens may be deported, denied naturalization, or lose their work visa eligibility

Even if you feel the charges should not have been made (and even if the alleged victim agrees), charges cannot simply be “dropped.” An experienced domestic violence defense attorney can work with the prosecution to have charges reduced or dismissed when appropriate. If necessary, we will be there with you all the way through trial. For your free consultation, contact our office as soon as you are charged with domestic violence in the Sacramento or anywhere in the SF Bay Area.