In the state of California, individuals convicted of domestic violence charges may be placed on probation, required to take 52 weeks of domestic violence anger management classes, perform  community service, and pay restitution.

There is an old-fashioned mentality in American society that women must be protected. As a result, if you are a man convicted of domestic violence then people may believe you are an immoral and inherently dangerous person. Many men who have been convicted of domestic violence have difficulty finding jobs or find that there are limits on their upward professional mobility that didn’t exist previously.

Employers are very sensitive to hostile work environments, and dont want "people like that" poisoning the atmosphere of the workplace. Even if your conviction doesn't come up in interviews, it will on a background check. An experienced domestic violence attorney will work to have your plea reduced to something that's less emotionally charged, such as battery, disturbing the peace, or trespassing.