Sacramento police arrested a suspect who is believed to be involved in the stabbing of a loss prevention officer. The stabbing occurred as a result of what seems to have been a botched shoplifting attempt. While shoplifting usually does not become violent, the suspect seems to have challenged security at the store they were trying to steal from.

Police responded to the scene of a Safeway store at 19th and S Streets after hearing reports of a stabbing. The stabbing must have occurred shortly before 6:00 PM on Tuesday October 15. The suspect had attempted to shoplift something from the retailer.

The stabbing victim had apparently tried to stop the suspect from doing so. The suspect drew a blade and stabbed the victim. After the stabbing had happened the suspect fled the scene completely.

In response to these actions, Sacramento police ordered a search of the area. The suspect had taken off, and it was difficult to locate them. Police officers had directly pedestrians out of the midtown area that surrounded the scene of the crime. While it took a while, they eventually took a suspect into custody.

A police K9 unit was able to locate the suspect. While the individual was arrested and taken into custody, no details about the arrest were provided to members of the press. These details may be of some importance if the suspect's case becomes part of a legal deliberation. Naturally the suspect has ever right to proper legal counsel and representation.

The victim was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center. The injuries that the victim received were not considered to be life threatening. As a result, the victim is expected to live and to recover from the stab wounds to at least a large degree. This may help the case some. Had the victim died it would have become far more serious, as some form of manslaughter or homicide charge could have been levied instead. While this case is still very serious, the investigation is not as serious as what might have happened should a life have been lost in the process.