Reports issued by Sacramento police suggest that authorities are investigating the death of a man. He was apparently found in his Oak Park home. Some reports have stated that the individual in question is quite elderly.

Investigators have now stated that they are looking at the death as a homicide. While no police have actually commented on the cause of the man's death, a Sacramento police officer said that the coroner's preliminary investigation showed that there was at least some trauma on the man's body. The exact type of trauma that occurred has not actually been revealed to the press.

Trauma on victims can often be connected to the homicide being investigated. While this is not always the case, examining trauma can often give more clues about the way a victim was killed and what happened. Suspects are sometimes caught or even charged as a result of reports of trauma on a victim's body.

Emergency first responders originally arrived at the home shortly before 8:30 AM on Monday September 9. The home was located near the 4400 block of 6th Avenue. A family member had originally found the victim dead in the home, and that was what prompted the call out.

Currently there is not a known motive in the case, but detectives do not believe that it was a random act of violence. Investigators seem to believe that someone who knew him or had some kind of connection to him might be a suspect. However, without a motive it is difficult to make any further connection.

Moreover, it does not seem like they have pointed to anyone in particular. Any comments thus far provided by individuals involved with the investigation should not be taken as an endorsement for any particular suspect. Indeed, police officers have not yet even suggested that they suspect anyone in particular.

Sometimes police can draw some conclusions about a crime, but cannot use these to connect it to any one person. Should the conclusions end up connecting them to the incorrect person anyway it is up to defense attorneys to protect the innocent from wrongful incrimination.